Kelly Chase is a multi-faceted creator and curator of engaging content.


Another entrepreneurial spirited college dropout millennial, here she is in all her glory. Kelly has tried it all: competitive jump rope, casual fine dining service, double reed instrument performance, and even boasts a Rubik’s cube personal record of 00:01:57. As riveting as these teen years were, her twenties are now knocking at the door for attention and nourishment. You know, fulfilling grown up stuff. She now finds herself on the general pursuit of excitement. Isn’t that what all twenty-somethings are looking for?

To fill the adrenaline void of supersonic Rubik’s cube solving, she has begun to pick up other activities like impulsively traveling the world at the drop of a hat. Along her globe trotting excursions, Kelly has improved her camera and editing skills, creating inspiring travel content for all to feel FOMO about. Her work tends to evoke an effortless attitude, due to her candid and truthful style of shooting.

Although Kelly has continued her education through online learning by accredited universities, she’s happy to report that the hours glued to the computer screen as a child have paid off in even bigger ways. Through customizable Neopets pet pages, she learned her first lines of front-end code. She feels like some way and somehow, this led her to the big wide world of web design which she explores today.